Wednesday, April 11, 2007

i Love A girl naMed Alliaj

i loved a girl named alliaj ...met her 5 and half months ago,...i met her in irc, i know..its not fancy and stuff,hehe..i met her in a chatroom and i love her???????!!! i mean what is with that?that's impossible,..u think so?hehe, but i love her really, some of the girls i've met before, i loved them...they all ment a lot to me, some of the memories are still with me, and it makes me smile sometimes, but my love for alliaj is just entirely different, although we're far away, i love her than any girl i loved,...alliaj if you're reading this,..i don't care what other people think about us, creating a relationship where words and our voice are our only bridge..., i've learned from my mistakes at the past, and im not gonna do it to you what i did to them,..coz i love you, and i want to keep that way,i know you want too,..even though we don't have those fancy dinners, dates, goin out,maybe lookin at the sunsets,..holding hands, feeling each other's skin, i still love you than any girl i've touched and felt...i wish u were here..hehe, it sucks sometimes thinking that you're so far away..but it doesn't change the way i feel for you,...its been 5 and a half months and the way i feel for you didn't change a bit, sorry alliaj if i left you alone sometimes,...if we could a have the whole world for the both of us,...that would be so much awesome,hehe..but then again not,if i could go right at your house right now, that would so awesome, if i could feel your skin right now, that would be so much wonderful, if i could look you in the eye and say i love you, that would be so much..,,haaaay....damn!!!hehe,...i wont change the way i feel for you,'ve been a part of me and it's hard to let go of you,im araid...and if ever that time comes,i don't know what do, sorries and tears wont do any good,..moving on will be so much hard,..waking up and knowing that you're not mine anymore would pierce right through me.., i don't know what to do alliaj, all i can do now to you is hold on, wait, sacrifice and love you,..there will come a time we'll be together...where all my and you're imaginations and dreams will come true,hehe..its kinda korny..well that's first journal,for my alliaj,hehe...i love you too alliaj, i miss you too, i wish you were here too,...for now,:).....................................i love a girl named alliaj:D